5 Mobile Insurance Apps That Help Policyholders Inventory Possessions

For insurers, creating a top-notch digital experience goes beyond just policy management. Ellen Carney, of Forrester Research, discusses five insurance apps that help customers take an inventory of their possessions in case of a loss.
September 21, 2012

5. HomeIndex

Insurer: State Farm (Bloomington, Ill.)

Carney's take: Again, a great way to show value to even non-policyholders. (By the way, in an upcoming survey we're asking about mobile apps that consumers are using that aren't from their primary insurer!). While many aspects of what State Farm is offering are becoming de facto industry standards (the fact that these inventories are in the cloud, for instance), what really grabbed me was the value-add that State Farm was promoting for when it comes time to pack for a move. What a great way to appeal to younger and more on-the-move policyholders.

More information: State Farm

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