6 Life Insurance Customer Experience Leaders

Here's why this year's Corporate Insight Monitor Award gold winners for life insurance stand out from the crowd.
February 14, 2014

Life insurers are busy this year when it comes to customer-facing tech -- there's already been multiple announcements this year on new launches aimed at improving the experience for agents and policyholders alike. Corporate Insight's yearly Monitor awards recognize firms that are leaders in this are. Following are gold winners in several categories of user experience:

1. USAA: Public Homepage and Navigation

USAA takes gold in this category for the second year in a row. "What we were looking for was not just easy access, but also what they offer for clients," says Corporate Insight's Alisson Andrade, who worked on the awards. "They have an organized public site homepage, providing easy access for clients to log in. They also make good use of rotating images -- they have a large banner across the public site homepage that users can rotate on their own."

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