January 17, 2012

Accenture has released a telematics platform for cars called the Accenture Connected Vehicle Integrated Solution out of its Southfield, Mich.-based automotive division.

The system allows equipped cars to, among other things, "process mobile payments for parking, insurance and tolls," Accenture says in a statement. It also features location-aware capabilities required for roadside assistance and usage-based insurance programs, as well as a delivery mechanism for entertainment.

“We see major but separate trends emerging for embedded and stand-alone in-vehicle solutions because there will be a seamless integration between on-board services and connected vehicle services,” Marcello Tamietti, managing director of Accenture’s Connected Vehicle group, says in a statement. “Most of the automotive manufacturers have capabilities in the area of info-mobility, such as navigation, but they are still developing commerce capabilities. The next generation of [in-vehicle infotainment] and telematics applications and services is evolving rapidly. We expect to see a significant increase in products and services for in-vehicle communications, entertainment and commerce, as well as safety capabilities.”

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Recently, both Allstate and State Farm have formed partnerships with companies offering similar technology to Accenture's. State Farm's In-Drive device, developed in partnership with Hughes Telematics, is explicitly linked to the carrier's usage-based insurance program, Drive Save & Save.

Allstate, which announced that it was developing a connected vehicle services platform in partnership with Airbiquity, did not indicate whether it was specifically geared toward enrolling more policyholders in its Drive Wise usage-based insurance program.

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