Go, Go, Gadget: Top Emerging Technology Tools for Insurers

The executives selected as Elite 8 2012 honorees have reached the heights of their profession by being savvy observers of the digital landscape and prudent marshals of technology. Here are some of their views on the latest and greatest enterprise solutions.
October 19, 2012

Data, Data Everywhere

What emerging technologies are you keeping an eye on?

Susan Gueli, Nationwide Financial: Certainly it is cloud, and there's also mobile, and data and data analytics. Being able to utilize the data that we collect and store to drive meaningful analytics for the business will become more and more important.

Nationwide is working on projects related to the 'consumerization' of IT. Do social and collaboration technologies fit into that?

Gueli: Financial services institutions have been very interested in social and collaboration technologies. But we also have the regulatory environment to manage, so it's another area where you're managing risk and how you utilize those technologies in productive and effective ways.

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