Go, Go, Gadget: Top Emerging Technology Tools for Insurers

The executives selected as Elite 8 2012 honorees have reached the heights of their profession by being savvy observers of the digital landscape and prudent marshals of technology. Here are some of their views on the latest and greatest enterprise solutions.
October 19, 2012

Mobile Enterprise

Humana's done a lot of work in mobile under your leadership. What is your major objective with these investments?

Brian LeClaire, Humana: Our view is that mobile is another means for providing a consumer experience to our members. It's been very important to us to support that as much as inbound service calls. For those who want to interact with us that way, it becomes another channel to provide services and support to them when and how they want it.

We've been working to support different platforms -- obviously that means iOS and Android devices, but also different form factors. So we support a browser-based experience that's developed to the footprint of each device. We're focused on providing self-service support as well as a mechanism for requesting information and making a connection in the sales space.

What about mobile within the enterprise?

LeClaire: We recognize that people want choice about how to access their work environment. It's difficult for someone today to discern between using his iPad for work reasons or personal reasons. Now, when you say, "I'm going to work," it means you're doing a certain activity regardless of where you are. We've moved away from a strong rigor and focus that's only on the device side, to where we now have both trusted devices and trusted applications.

Can you give an example?

LeClaire: One is that we've tech-enabled our sales force with a trusted application that's a custom-developed capability. We also provide access to e-mail and calendaring with Good Technology (Sunnyvale, Calif.). That's a growing, secure platform for organizations like ours to develop and deploy insight into those corporate applications that will then connect into the corporate network. We also support Citrix-based access so that, for example, on my iPad I can remote into my corporate laptop.

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