February 13, 2012

Greek insurer Interamerican Insurance will use the UniKix Mainframe Rehosting software from Chicago-based Clerity and vCOBOL Enterprise from Westchester, Ill.-based Veryant to transition its environment from COBOL to Linux.

Currently, Interamerican's systems are written in COBOL on an IBM z/OS mainframe. It's redeveloping its online IBM CICS workloads on the mainframe as Java Web-based applications, using UniKix to address batch/JCL requirements, and vCOBOL to support migrated COBOL programs in a similar way to the z/OS environment, until everything will be redeveloped in Java, according to the company.

[Read how 21st Century completed a similar mainframe migration with Clerity.]

The company will be deploying UniKix BPE and vCOBOL on mainframe Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) processors in production, including more than 2 terabytes of sequential, VSAM and IBM DB2 data. The final product will be on the IBM System z platform.

“Since we wanted to focus mostly on our redevelopment plans, and the move to an open computing environment, we were looking for a platform that would help us achieve our strategic goals with the least disruption of our existing everyday processes,” Nikos Katsaros, CTO, Interamerican, says in a statement.

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