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Fight Insurance Price Sensitivity With Social Interactions
Commentary  |  9/16/2014  | 
Some insurers are shifting to a focus on the quality of the customers and their longer-term spending power.
AIG Names Kaiser Permanente Vet CIO
News  |  9/16/2014  | 
Philip Fasano has also worked at Capital One and JPMorgan Chase.
Progressive Selects BAE Systems to Detect Fraud
News  |  9/15/2014  | 
The solution will be used to enhance the recognition of claims fraud in auto insurance.
The Challenge of Analytics Integration
News  |  9/15/2014  | 
How Society Insurance adopted analytics software to improve service for its workers' compensation policyholders.
Why the Winding Road of Modernization Is Worth It
Commentary  |  9/15/2014  | 
Insurers have been working hard at modernizing IT infrastructure and processes, and most are realizing that the effort is a never-ending one with the definition of "modern" changing almost daily.
Technology Rising, but CIO Influence Falling?
Commentary  |  9/15/2014  | 
Is CIO influence on the rise in this era of technology as the answer to everything, or is it declining because deep technical expertise just doesnít matter as much anymore?
Why Bigger IT Projects Are Not Always Better
Commentary  |  9/13/2014  | 
Declarations like "We have a megaproject going on" seem designed almost entirely to justify one's existence or to boost one's ego.
Core Systems Transformation: 7 Modernization Best-Practices
Commentary  |  9/13/2014  | 
Continuous planning, execution excellence, strong governance, and robust change management are among the requirements for successful core modernization efforts.
Data, Data Everywhere, With Governance Around the Corner
Commentary  |  9/12/2014  | 
Despite heavy investment in collecting and managing data, the art of data governance is still emerging in the insurance industry.
Improving Operational Excellence in Claims Supply Chain Management
Commentary  |  9/12/2014  | 
Insurers can't control the weather, but they can control other impacts on claims management costs.
SaaS Helps Ohio National Improve Agent Experience
News  |  9/12/2014  | 
The insurer sought an ACORD-compliant, XML-based approach to achieve straight-through processing.
The Keys to Modernization: An Insurance-Focused Approach
Commentary  |  9/11/2014  | 
Modernization involves more than replacing a core application. It also requires insurers to address cloud, analytics, mobility, and social media.
What Have We Learned About Risk Management Since 9/11?
Commentary  |  9/11/2014  | 
Technology has transformed the practice of risk management, but with threats growing more complex and sophisticated, has anything really changed?
The Mobile Customer of the Future
Commentary  |  9/11/2014  | 
Insurers must use smartphones and tablets for voice communication, geographic information, and -- soon -- payment.
5 Ways an iPad Can Improve Risk Engineering
Commentary  |  9/11/2014  | 
As risks become more complex, best-in-class mobile technology is changing the playing field for the P&C insurance industry.
There's No Innovation Without Execution
Commentary  |  9/10/2014  | 
Insurers are committing to process and product transformation, but it's just empty promises unless they can effectively deliver on these initiatives.
With Internet of Things, Canít ĎHide in the Herdí
News  |  9/10/2014  | 
Connected devices have the potential to fundamentally change the risk pooling nature of insurance.
Will Apple Legitimize Mobile Payments?
News  |  9/10/2014  | 
The company announced its new mobile payments system, Apple Pay.
ITís Time for Innovation
News  |  9/10/2014  | 
IT departments must abandon their perceived status as the gatekeepers of innovation and think toward the future.
Insurance: Ahead or Behind in Analytics?
Commentary  |  9/10/2014  | 
Is the industry behind the curve, needing to learn lessons from outside the industry and catch up? Or are insurers actually on the vanguard of this new movement?
Why Insurers Should Pursue Big Data in the Cloud
Commentary  |  9/10/2014  | 
The economics of big data in the cloud are compelling. Insurers that invest in cloud and big data could be big winners in the knowledge industry.
Thinking About Cognitive Computing
Commentary  |  9/9/2014  | 
Cognitive computing can power decisions that go beyond the current use of rule-based knowledge and the retroactive use of the results of predictive analytics.
Welcome to the New Insurance & Technology Community
Welcome to the New Insurance & Technology Community
Insurance & Technology Videos  |  9/9/2014  | 
The new community site brings the technology community together with improved navigation and new content-sharing features.
5 Largest Insurance M&A Deals of 2014
Slideshows  |  9/9/2014  | 
In a year of high M&A activity for the insurance industry, five transactions have exceeded $1 billion.
Agents & Brokers: Evolution, Not Disintermediation
Commentary  |  9/9/2014  | 
Effective producer support requires insurers to help agents and brokers develop business and grow -- by providing resources that will help producers succeed.
Insurers All In on Cloud
News  |  9/9/2014  | 
More and bigger insurance companies are turning to the cloud in some form for major IT projects.
How Recruiters Are Luring Away Your Best Employees
Commentary  |  9/9/2014  | 
Recruiters are using social media and constant contact to understand what candidates need. Insurers seeking to recruit and retain top talent should pay heed.
5 Areas of Digital Strategy: Where Insurers Stand
Slideshows  |  9/9/2014  | 
Research from Novarica reveals where insurers are placing their focus in the five key areas of digital strategy.
5 Reasons Insurance Organizations Are Attractive for IT Professionals
Slideshows  |  9/9/2014  | 
About 650 insurance IT professionals who participated in the 2014 InformationWeek Analytics Salary Survey rank insurance as a promising IT career option.
The Key to Business-Led IT: Strategy Enablement
Commentary  |  9/9/2014  | 
How the CNA team developed and executed on a strategy to improve customer experience through digital channels.
System Modernization: Put Customers at the Core
News  |  9/9/2014  | 
Insurers striving to modernize their core policy administration, billing, and claims systems and processes must put customer experience at the center of these efforts. Breach: The Ripple Effect
News  |  9/8/2014  | 
Hackers breached a test server, reportedly affecting no records, but the repercussions could spread across many medical organizations.
Humana's LeClaire: The Quantifiable CIO
News  |  9/5/2014  | 
Humana CIO Brian LeClaire loves his Fitbit at home -- and leans heavily on mobile, social, cloud, and analytics at work.
Manulife Acquires Canadian Ops of Standard Life
News  |  9/5/2014  | 
The transaction will help Manulife better serve its Canadian customers.
4 Hurdles To Securing The Internet Of Things
News  |  9/5/2014  | 
Why locking down even the tiniest embedded devices is a tall order.
Insurers Ready to Ask for More Telematics Data
News  |  9/4/2014  | 
Carriers expect usage-based insurance programs to incorporate more real-time data, requiring major investments in analytics, infrastructure and CRM.
What Comes First: Core Modernization or Innovation?
News  |  9/4/2014  | 
Insurers should expect more from new core systems than process improvement, says SMA’s Karen Furtado. How can they activate innovation in core systems?
Celeb Hack: Is Apple Telling All It Knows?
News  |  9/4/2014  | 
Did Apple have a system-wide data breach? No. Was it complicit through an appalling security lapse by not defending against brute force attacks? You're darn tootin'!
Hillary Clinton Talks Tech: 9 Facts
News  |  9/4/2014  | 
Hillary Clinton explained how she sees technology fitting into the recovering US economy, at Nexenta OpenSDx conference. Here are nine things we learned.
Progressive Enters UBI Alliance with Zubie
News  |  9/3/2014  | 
The company is now accepting driving data from the third-party connected car service.
Apple Not Hacked In Celebrity Nude Photo Breaches
News  |  9/3/2014  | 
'Very targeted attack' on celebrities' Apple usernames, passwords, security questions -- iCloud, Find My iPhone not breached, Apple says.
Aon Risk Sells eSolutions to Symphony Technology
News  |  9/3/2014  | 
Aon will continue to provide eSolutions products to its client base.
Nationwide Aligns Under One Brand
News  |  9/3/2014  | 
Its new approach is intended to more effectively leverage a diverse product portfolio, business relationships and financial stability.
Future Of Work: 5 Trends For CIOs
Commentary  |  9/2/2014  | 
Social business, big data, and the Millennial workforce are just some of the trends causing disruption. Here's how CIOs can stay ahead of the curve.
Getting Social: Top Tips for Establishing a Social Media Plan
Commentary  |  9/2/2014  | 
As the influence of social media channels continues to grow, organizations must have a handle on the regulations and the risks social can introduce to a firm.
USAA Names COO Parker Next CEO
News  |  8/29/2014  | 
The former head of the company's P&C business will take over following Joe Robles' 2015 retirement.
PEMCO Boosts Efficiency and Experience with CGI
News  |  8/28/2014  | 
The rating and product configuration software will support lines of business in multiple states.
BYOD Policy: Don't Reinvent the Wheel
News  |  8/28/2014  | 
Financial firms still feel overwhelmed by BYOD risks and challenges. But these can be addressed by a good policy, and the guidelines are already out there. Names Counihan Its First CEO
News  |  8/28/2014  | 
Kevin Counihan, who ran Connecticut's successful state-based health insurance exchange, becomes's leader.
South Africa's Discovery Insurance Partners with U.S. Telematics Company
News  |  8/27/2014  | 
The insurer will use Cambridge Mobile Telematics technology in its usage-based insurance programs.
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