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Prudence Over Paranoia: Using Wireless LANs Securely
News  |  6/30/2004  | 
Wireless local area networks are proliferating both within enterprises and in public spaces, giving employees greater flexibility and availability. Those benefits carry risks, but a prudent approach to wireless LAN can neutralize the threats.
Document Sciences Aims to Acquire Objectiva
News  |  6/30/2004  | 
As part of a deal calculated to diversify its revenue streams and expand its breadth of solutions, Document Sciences Corp. has signed a letter of intent to acquire the remainder of global software development services company Objectiva Software Solutions.
INSURANCE VALUE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY, PART I:CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT - Building more effective relationships through technology
News  |  6/30/2004  | 
In this, the first of a series of four articles, David Holtzman of BusinessEdge discusses customer experience management (CEM). CEM's aim is to develop personalized experiences by providing a view into the insurance enterprise from the outside in.
Executive Closeup
News  |  6/17/2004  | 
McClintock Poised to Take Next Step at Arch; Esposito Heads HIP BI
Names in the News
News  |  6/17/2004  | 
Executive News
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Product & Services Showcase
IT Opportunities on the Rebound
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
2004 InformationWeek salary survey reports that job challenges - and compensation - will start looking up for IT professionals.
Widows Stays Strong
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
After its demutualization and acquisition by Lloyds TSB, Scottish Widows strives toward strength, reliability and innovation.
Gaining the Outsourcing Edge
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Whether they consider outsourcing applications, infrastructure or business processes, insurers have a myriad of reasons to contract out portions of their operations.
BPO With Confidence
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Successful BPO requires a global connecting strategy, enabling an integrated, yet distributed, process.
Focus on Knowledge Transfer
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Carriers can outsource to optimize their cost structure, but for maximum value they should also consider leveraging sourcing partnerships to refine internal IT capabilities.
Room for Improvement
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Insurers should be more aggressive in managing outsourcing's risks and reaping its rewards as part of an overall sourcing strategy.
Transforming Your Business Through IT and Business Process Outsourcing
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Following a burst of outsourcing activity within the past few years, there has been a good deal of reflection about the future of the strategy.
Look On the Bright Side
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Rather than letting the clouds of regulation rain on their operations, insurers that look for compliance's silver lining have an opportunity to improve their business processes.
RLI Asks, ’Build or Buy?’
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
RLI Corp. is successful at offering niche insurance products, such as coverage for contractors and neighborhood bars that many insurers wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.
VMG Automates Workflow
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
ImageRight solution simplifies, standardizes and streamlines Vermont Mutual Group's document handling and work routines.
Conseco Revamps CSR Quality Assurance
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
NICE enables insurer to step up its call center monitoring and design audit forms more easily.
P&C Carrier Gets Down to Business
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Providence Washington Insurance improves the usability of its business intelligence reports with tools from Cognos.
E-Sales Appeal to Young
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Willingness to make insurance purchases via e-mail and Web sites is expected to grow as younger consumers age.
Lawmakers Push Insurance Tech
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Illinois bill addresses electronic notification of cancellations.
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Web-based CLAS; EReinsure/Hannover; GLIC Relaunches Site; Nationwide's ICR Tool; Online Applications
MHP Selects MyHealthBank
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Bush Creates Health IT Post
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
First position of its kind to focus on establishing infrastructure.
Alliances & Partnerships
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
PMCS, Genelco Partner; Synergy, Cognos Join; IDS/Intalio Expand Deal; Compliant Messaging; LOMA/PossibleNOW
The Hartford Boosts E-Service
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Carrier uses Web to add electronic FNOL, expedite status report requests.
New Contracts
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
HMSA Picks Verity; FergTech Contract; Winterthur/FileNET; Independence/FMG; BCBSSC Taps Esker
Where the Jobs Are
Commentary  |  6/16/2004  | 
Concerns about job losses in the insurance industry have been heightened with the renewed focus on outsourcing.
Outsourced Call Center: General Casualty Turns to First Notice Systems
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
While outsourcing is often used as a tool for unburdening an insurance company of non-core work conducted in-house, as General Casualty's relationship with First Notice Systems demonstrates, it's also a way to ramp up services that might otherwise be too costly.
@First Tool Helps MetLife Auto & Home Fight Fraud
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
MetLife Auto & Home teamed up with CSC to develop @First, an automated first notice of loss fraud detection tool that uses a combination of predictive data modeling technology, company claims data and industry data sources to help the underwriter flag suspicious claims.
An Insurance E-Commerce Tale of Two Worlds
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Traditional and direct insurance carriers have approached the online world from two different angles. The one thing they have in common is that they have both built online presences and strategies that are too rigid and promote one channel at the expense of another.
Insurers Lag on HIPAA Security Rule
News  |  6/16/2004  | 
Companies that linked security to privacy have a jump on their peers, which fall short on identifying the proper scope for risk analysis.
Insurers Explore BPO: I&T Talks to Accenture’s Keith Johnson
News  |  6/2/2004  | 
IT outsourcing may have reached the mainstream but insurers are still tentative in their approaches to business process outsourcing. Insurance & Technology editor Anthony O'Donnell talks to Keith Johnson, Accenture's lead partner for BPO in North America.
Aon Close to Turning Over IT Operations to CSC
News  |  6/2/2004  | 
Executives at Aon say they're close to a deal that would see the insurance and risk management firm turn over the operation of its basic IT operations in the United States to Computer Sciences Corp (CSC).
A Framework for Designing an Effective e-Signature Process: Part III -- Proving an Electronic Signature
News  |  6/2/2004  | 
The final installment in a series of three articles addressing the opportunities presented by The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act ("ESIGN"), this piece, authored by Brannon D. Anthony and Michael P. Bruyerel, addresses proving an electronic signature.

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