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Anthony O'Donnell has covered technology in the insurance industry since 2000, when he joined the editorial staff of Insurance & Technology. As an editor and reporter for I&T and the InformationWeek Financial Services of TechWeb he has written on all areas of information technology in the property/casualty, life and health insurance industries, following the trends and issues faced by senior technology executives. In addition to reporting and editorial duties for I&T, O'Donnell also serves as a moderator and speaker at industry events and broadcasts. He began his editorial career in the healthcare industry where he reported and edited for medical publications with a variety of audiences, from the general public to physicians and researchers. He has also worked in the healthcare field as a media relations professional and Spanish/English interpreter/translator, and has taught English composition and conversation classes to native speakers of Spanish, both in the United States and in Latin America. O'Donnell lives in the Portland, Oregon area with his wife and two sons.

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posted in September 2008

The Wrong Argument for OFC

While insurance companies are exposed to the credit crisis as institutional investors, their fortunes stand in stark contrast to their industry peers because of the conservative regulation to which they have been subject under the state-based regulatory regime, as NAIC president Sandy Praeger argues,

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AIG Fallout: Pricing and Risk Management

An Advisen briefing speculates that if there is a "stampede" by AIG policyholders spooked by the holding company's failure, it would likely precipitate a "sudden, short-term uptick in commercial insurance rates." In the absence of such a reaction, the briefing continues, "prevailing soft market conditions are unlikely to be affected."

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Getting Privacy Right in Pay-Per-Drive

Through its MyRate program, Progressive supplies a small, portable device that can easily be plugged into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port of many car models built after 1996. The device delivers a much richer portrait of driver behavior than Real Insurance's mileage-only plan by recording mileage, braking and acceleration, and time of day. The device periodically transmits that information wirelessly back to Progressive.

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Risk Modeling and Wishful Thinking

The fact is that risk modeling, like so many other control methods, can be used to mask as well as reveal reality. As useful, indeed as indispensable, as risk modeling is to project future probability it is nevertheless subject to one of the cardinal maxims of information technology: garbage in, garbage out.

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Assessing Black Hole Risk

The fear is that the world's largest particle accelerator, about to be activated several hundred feet below the French/Swiss border, could cause a black hole that could swallow up the earth. The accelerator will attempt to replicate the conditions of less than a millionth of a second after the Big Bang, and some people have evidently taken legal action to have the experiment stopped.

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Honoring Fannie & Freddie's Critics

Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Paul Gigot called attention to serious problems within Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2002 through an editorial written by Susan Lee. Published with the provocative title "Fannie Mae Enron," the piece resulted in a hail of attacks both against the Journal and against Gigot personally.

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Hurricanes, Civilization and Insurance

If one were to look at a map of insurance coverage around the world one would see huge gaps in the geography. This is because many people simply can't afford insurance or the risk factors make the proposition of insurance unviable. Insurance is a blessing of material civilization that enables the more fortunate of us to take measures to secure our property and protect our families.

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