10 Burning Questions from 2012: What Happened?

A year ago I&T identified several tough questions we predicted the insurance technology industry would have to confront in 2012. What happened and how much clarity did we get?
December 14, 2012

9. Will the Vendor Landscape Continue to Realign?

What we saw in 2011: “Through 2011 the insurance technology market saw some significant mergers and acquisitions… This energetic activity is a welcome development for the industry.”

What happened in 2012? Last year, Novarica principal Matthew Josefowicz predicted that more independent software vendors would be acquired by services firms, citing the Wyde/Mphasis and Duck Creek/Accenture deals. His rationale? "The componentized suite is becoming the dominant model for software vendors. This is likely to drive consolidation of vendors that provide only a single point solution."

Josefowicz revisited his prediction in an e-mail to Insurance & Technology:

"We did see several additional transactions, starting with Cover-All’s acquisition of BlueWave in January followed by the acquisition of PlanetSoft by eBix in June," he says. "But we were surprised by the comparatively slow pace of M&A in the sector."

Despite that, Josefowicz and Novarica believe that the sector is "ripe for additional consolidation."

This component was contributed by Anthony O'Donnell.

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