5 Customer Experience Concepts Insurers Can Learn from Yahoo’s New CEO

Just because the background of Yahoo’s high-profile new CEO, former Google executive Marissa Mayer, is in engineering doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some valuable insights about customer experience and engagement. As insurers grapple with these concepts, it could be helpful to review these insights from the woman who is charged with putting them into practice at long-struggling Yahoo.
July 27, 2012

4. Simplicity Matters

We want the user to not be distracted, to just type in what they want and not be very influenced by what they see on the page, which is one reason why the minimalist home page works well. It’s approachable, it’s simple, it’s straightforward and it gives the user a sense of empowerment. This engine is going to do what they want it to do, as opposed to the engine telling them what they should be doing, which is what a portal does. We think that to really aid and facilitate research and learning, the clean slate is best.

— From a 2007 interview on SearchEngineLand.com babout Google’s approach to search and usability.

Source: SearchEngineLand.com

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