6 of the Best Insurance User Experiences

Corporate Insight has honored several insurers for their user experiences on different types of web properties.
February 08, 2013

Fifteen different online user experiences offered by insurance companies were awarded gold medals in customer experience analyst firm Corporate Insight's inaugural Monitor Awards. Following are a sample of six: three from life insurance and three from P&C. For more information on other award winners, see the company's website.

1. USAA: Public Homepage and Navigation (Life insurance) This category evaluated insurers' layout, design, navigation, login accessibility, and visual features like images and Flash content. USAA "features one of the liveliest, yet organized homepages that connects site visitors to a full range of product information," according to Corporate Insight. "Navigation throughout the site is strong and with a main navigation menu that features three tabs – Our Products, Your Life Events and About USAA – and a universal navigation menu that appears at the footer of all public site pages."

Video: Corporate Insight's Ian Lundahl talks social media in life insurance

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