6 Tips for Avoiding a Social Media Debacle

Progressive's "robotweet" debacle put a spotlight on social media's importance within the insurance industry and the risk companies take if they do not implement a sound social media strategy.
August 17, 2012

3. Have a Risk Mitigation Strategy in Place

It’s very important that insurers recognize that social media deserves the same strategic emphasis and attention as other technologies. The whole focus of social media is people connecting with people and the sharing of information. A strategy needs to be in place that will make this happen efficiently and effectively across the entire insurance value chain – a strategy that considers the inherent exposures as well as potential business values. In the world of social media, reputation is critical. Insurers have to be prepared to manage the risk. This means putting a plan in place for mitigating the risks, addressing not only the awareness side of the equation, but also what to do should anything go awry. A strategy for harnessing the pervasive and powerful social media trend is imperative for insurers.

— Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action

Source: Strategy Meets Action

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