6 Tips for Avoiding a Social Media Debacle

Progressive's "robotweet" debacle put a spotlight on social media's importance within the insurance industry and the risk companies take if they do not implement a sound social media strategy.
August 17, 2012

5. Think Before You Speak

In the world of social media, many of the same rules of engagement as apply to the “real world” should be utilized. First and foremost, think before you speak. In many instances, crises are created when companies respond off the cuff instead of according to a social media or corporate communications policy. Policy should be clearly communicated to everyone involved in social media for any insurance company to ensure corporate communication standards and consistent messaging are maintained. In the interest of resolving customer issues rapidly, insurers often respond to the detriment of customer relationships since many times quick answers can be perceived as flippant or disrespectful instead of clever. It’s a danger that’s inherent to the more casual way in which people communicate on social media platforms, but one that insurance companies must be hypersensitive about.

— Jennifer Overhulse-King, Principal Owner, St. Nick Media Services

Source: St. Nick Media Services

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