8 Insurance Industry Impacts of Hurricane Andrew

Technology, regulation, construction and the P&C insurance industry itself all have changed since – and in some instances, because of – Hurricane Andrew, the category 5 storm that made landfall in south Florida on August 24, 1992. Here are eight ways that the catastrophe changed the way insurance companies do business.
August 24, 2012

4. The Origins of Portable Device Ubiquity

"The biggest change between Hurricane Andrew and now is the network of communications and the ubiquity of portable devices. There were portable computers in those days, but they were unwieldy and they generally needed a source of electricity in order to function because their batteries weren’t very useful. Adjusters in those days basically had to rely on paper. There are so many things now that we take for granted. Virtually every large company was on mainframes. Perhaps the biggest factor was the lack of mobile phones. They existed by that time but adoption was very sparse. A company could equip itself with mobile phones, but to be useful, there needs to be someone at the other end of the line!"

— John Roblin, CEO, Cover-All Technologies

Source: Cover-All Technologies

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