8 Priorities for the 2012 IASA Annual Conference

Attendees at next week’s 2012 IASA Educational Conference and Business Show in San Diego are being encouraged to “Achieve Greatness” through networking, educational sessions and interaction with technology companies on the exhibit floor. Greatness may be elusive but there definitely will be a focus on hot topics such as data and analytics, financial management, distribution and mobile capabilities. I&T asked a cross-section of conference participants to identify their priorities at the show.
June 01, 2012

3. Building the Next Great Group of Leaders

Aside from meeting some potential new vendor partners for PURE that will continue to help us achieve our corporate goals, my focus will be to hear how some of my peers continue to build the next great group of leaders. Finding/recruiting talented people and inspiring them to achieve greatness (which is the theme this year) is so critical to every organization that “gets” the value of a successful technology organization. Technology teams are being asked to do so much more than even five years ago. Having people in the right positions and arming them with confidence and empowerment will help to move the key corporate initiatives towards successful completions.

— Stuart Tainsky, SVP & CIO, PURE

Source: PURE

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