8 Priorities for the 2012 IASA Annual Conference

Attendees at next week’s 2012 IASA Educational Conference and Business Show in San Diego are being encouraged to “Achieve Greatness” through networking, educational sessions and interaction with technology companies on the exhibit floor. Greatness may be elusive but there definitely will be a focus on hot topics such as data and analytics, financial management, distribution and mobile capabilities. I&T asked a cross-section of conference participants to identify their priorities at the show.
June 01, 2012

5. Buzzing About Data & Analytics

Valen comes to IASA on the heels of major customer announcements … With the industry in a state of flux between hard and soft markets, carriers are buzzing about data and analytics, and we’re seeing insurance carriers adopting these tools to get a competitive edge and make better-informed decisions. We anticipate that data and analytics will be a focus of conversation for the industry, and look forward to showcasing how data can assist customers by helping to lower loss ratios.

— Dave Squibb, Chief Sales Officer, Valen Technologies

Source: Valen Technologies

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