May 10, 2012

Raleigh, N.C.-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has partnered with Cary, N.C.-based SAS for analytics.

The goal of the initiative is to identify customers who may benefit from programs to help improve health and to anticipate the most effective ways to engage those customers. This information also will help BCBSNC develop new products, services and programs, and better tailor existing ones, according to the companies.

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"Traditionally, we’ve based health plan designs and care management programs on conventional research," says Dr. Graham Hughes, chief medical officer for BCBSNC. "Now we can look through a new lens at readily available data to create health plans better targeted to consumers’ needs. And, more importantly, we can offer more personalized care management programs, which individuals are more likely to respond to – making it more likely that these efforts will improve their health.”

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