December 09, 2013

We've all left the house and had it happen: A few blocks down, our hands get clammy on the steering wheel and a shudder runs down our spines. Did we forget to lock the door?

Australian multiline insurer NRSA, a division of IAG, has taken to Facebook in an attempt to calm those fears among its policyholders and prospects. In the "Lock-a-door" game, players close and lock different-colored doors to gain points and appear on a leaderboard. The message, somewhat counter-intuitively, is that NRSA coverage still pays, even if you forget to lock your door.

The game also includes a button for interested players to get a new home insurance quote from the company. It can be played on PC, smartphone, or tablet. It also encourages players to "like" NRSA's main Facebook page in order to gain bonus points.

NRSA's Facebook game

NRSA parent IAG is said to be exploring an acquisition of Wesfarmers Insurance's commercial insurance unit, according to a Bloomberg report.

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