August 27, 2009

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (August 23-August 29, 2009):Bridging the Divides

"We really haven't solved the operational / informational divide but the rapidly emerging Digital Marketplace has uncovered a divide that had always existed but has now taken on more urgency: the divide between structured data and unstructured data," writes Barry Rabkin on his blog, Rabkin's ROI. ---

Why Social Networking Can Be Bad For Your House Premiums

Catherine Stagg-Macey, a London-based Celent analyst, offers some perspective on a report out of the UK on an insurer that is considering the use of social networks in deciding on premiums. ---

"Insurance Agents Without Web Sites Are Missing Business Opportunities..."

Hometown Quotes' Agent Lounge blog has a post for insurance agents on how to establish more visibility online. ---