Image Gallery: 5 Steps to Customer-Friendly Online Insurance Quotes

The user experience experts at Corporate Insight offer five ways to generate a customer-friendly online insurance quote and evaluate six carriers' websites based on the consultancy's top best practices.
April 18, 2012

Allstate: A Human Touch

Corporate Insight calls Allstate's online quoting platform "user-friendly" and "attractive." The Northbrook, Ill.-based carrier makes it easy for users to keep their place in the process by including a process meter and a summary of entered vehicles and drivers. It's easy to save progress, according to CI, and if consumers are confused at any point, the bright orange "Get Live Help" capability is easy to locate.

"Only three firms offer a 'live help' capability. What makes it valuable is that it's access to talking to a human directly," Corporate Insight president Mike Ellison says. "It's a best practice we see in banking and brokerage as well."

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