Image Gallery: 5 Steps to Customer-Friendly Online Insurance Quotes

The user experience experts at Corporate Insight offer five ways to generate a customer-friendly online insurance quote and evaluate six carriers' websites based on the consultancy's top best practices.
April 18, 2012

Travelers: Strength in 'Numbers'

According to CI, Hartford-based Travelers' portal isn't as clean as Allstate's, but it features a save-your-progress ability and displays a quote summary on the side throughout the process. Users also can enter vehicle information by inputting only one data point: the VIN.

"Travelers isn't the only firm that allows you to look up vehicle information instead of entering it all by hand, but they were the only ones we studied that use the VIN," says Corporate Insight's Lauren Wistrom. "That's one of the differentiating factors — otherwise it's pretty basic."

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