Image Gallery: 5 Steps to Customer-Friendly Online Insurance Quotes

The user experience experts at Corporate Insight offer five ways to generate a customer-friendly online insurance quote and evaluate six carriers' websites based on the consultancy's top best practices.
April 18, 2012

State Farm: Customer Advocacy

Where Bloomington, Ill.-based State Farm really shines is at the end of the quoting process, Corporate Insight says. The final quote page promotes three tiers of coverage, displaying the discounts for which the applicant is eligible and making it easy for users to customize and compare plan options. The site also assigns a local agent to the applicant and provides the option to buy the policy online or through that agent.

"It's an interesting customer advocacy position," Ellison says. "They highlight the basic package so they're not trying to put you into the most expensive policy. Then they show you all the total discounts that were applied to the policy, so you really get an understanding of what went into the pricing."

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