Image Gallery: 5 Steps to Customer-Friendly Online Insurance Quotes

The user experience experts at Corporate Insight offer five ways to generate a customer-friendly online insurance quote and evaluate six carriers' websites based on the consultancy's top best practices.
April 18, 2012

GEICO: Valuable Discounts

A company whose marketing is focused on money savings, Chevy Chase, Md.-based GEICO does not disappoint with its discounts offerings, a drop-down menu featuring dozens of organizations to which it offers members discounts. The site also asks if users have completed a defensive driver course recently and features a help section with a click-to-call feature. According to Wistrom, among the carriers whose sites CI evaluated, GEICO offered the lowest price "by a lot."

Ellison adds, "GEICO doesn't bring price up till the very end of their quote. If they had something like Progressive's 'name your own price,' they could tie together their marketing with the quote experience."

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