November 16, 2012

Mutual insurer Folksam (Stockholm), one of Sweden's largest insurers, invited its customers to suggest advertisements, and the result was a skydiving cats ad, in which the felines devotedly spell out a customers name, as described in a Gawker article I came across (see also embedded video below). The article's author doesn't seem to understand the concept of a mutual insurer, but he or she does accurately gauge insurer's degree of customer intimacy.

Folksam's ad-collaboration is only the latest manifestation of customer-focused collaborative efforts. Next week I'll be talking to a Folksam executive about the company's collaboration with New York-based Infor to develop a new Customer Interaction Hub, which will be offered to other insurers.

The vendor describes Customer Interaction Hub as an enabler for the intelligent orchestration of customer dialogues. The co-developed system leverages the Infor CRM Epiphany Suite. Per Ardehed, head of sales, service and CRM, Folksam, says of the Hub, "The ability to strategically manage our customer interactions in a more effective and sophisticated way is a key priority.”

More about the initiative and its benefits after I talk to Folksam. In the meantime, here are the cats:

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