December 04, 2012

About half a mile my old place on Cozy Lake Road in Oak Ridge, a man was killed on Berkshire Valley Road, when a tree fell through his roof. I'm told he had spent the earlier part of day helping people clear timber from their property. On the northern end of Cozy Lake Road near Rt. 23 the destruction was so massive, that I borrowed my nephew's camera to document the scene. The area is less shielded from southerly and easterly winds, and is highly elevated compared to other parts. The location is at least 50 miles from the coast at Raritan Bay. Fortunately, few people live in that part of the road, and I hate to think of the results if similar conditions prevailed in more populated places.

The pictures speak for themselves, but the viewer should note the frequent root balls, the number of trees snapped well above ground level, and the stacks of trees blown down in groups, domino style. As a friend remarked on seeing the photos, it looks like nothing so much as the Ardennes forest after a few days of shelling.

tree balls

downed trees

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