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Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan
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Future Of Work: 5 Trends For CIOs

Social business, big data, and the Millennial workforce are just some of the trends causing disruption. Here's how CIOs can stay ahead of the curve.

Today's business landscape is different from what most organizations are used to operating in. Five trends have come together to form a perfect storm that has caused disruption across all industries.

These trends -- which include social business, big data analytics, and the millennial workforce, among others -- have forced an "adapt or disappear" scenario for CIOs. Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, says that technology has reached the second half of the chessboard -- or that the rate of change and growth is now exponential. This analogy, though, can extend beyond technology and into new business practices and ways of working.

To keep up with the changes that employees and businesses are experiencing, CIOs need to recognize five trends driving these changes, and plan accordingly to stay ahead of the curve.


1. New behaviors
Employees today are living more public lives through social networks, enterprise social networks, and corporate communities where sharing and accessing information and real-time feedback are common.

What the CIO needs to do:Make sure that the gap between employees' personal lives and their work lives starts to close. The technologies that the business uses need to emulate those that employees are used to in their personal lives.

The CIO also needs to work with lines of business to make sure that the corporate culture is in sync with the capabilities that new technologies allow. For example, there is no sense deploying a collaboration platform if employees operate in an environment with a strict hierarchy that encourages individual competition.

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