July 2005

From the Editor
Slow Learners
Though the insurance industry continues to grapple with the challenges of eliminating paper from critical business processes such as sales, policy processing and claims, evidently the world of academia already has figured it out.

Cover Story

VoIP - Key to Convergence
Insurers' Voice over Internet Protocol plays signal the shift from multiple networks to a unified network of voice and data,delivering a new world of efficiencies and flexibility.

Special Report
Improving Customer Insight: A Road Not Often Traveled
To meet today's speed-to-market mandates, insurers need to take a new tack in their efforts to maximize customer information.

Spotlight: Assumption Life
A Leading Role
Striving to be a leader in the industry, Assumption Life's next step is to upgrade and standardize its entire infrastructure.

Case Study
Speedy Delivery
When AutoOne Insurance searched out a way to automate its financial processing, it found a wealth of time savings in Applix's TM1 solution.

We Can't Take Your Call
RBC Liberty addresses state and federal Do Not Call compliance with Gryphon Call Advisor solution.

One on One
Hitting the IT Target
Robert Eshelbrenner, Vice President, IT, Hastings Mutual For a regional P&C carrier to be competitive, according to Hastings Mutual (Hastings, Mich.; $511 million in assets) VP of IT Robert Eshelbrenner, it must husband limited resources well, while adopting new technologies when the business need is clear.

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CIGNA's Storrer Builds Bridges

Hansen Optimizes IT Assets

IASA Opening General Session SPECIAL REPORT

Having An Impact
There are many ways to think about change.

Managing the Transformation From Paper to Digital Delivery
The financial services and banking industries have made the move from paper to digital document delivery. Doculabs outlines an approach that insurance organizations can use to manage the same transformation.

Help Wanted
Throughout their organizations, insurers today have to do more with fewer resources. Human resources is no exception. Recruiting - and retaining - talented IT staff is critical.


Securing Compliance: System, Project or Process?
As regulatory demands continue to increase, IT security solutions offer insurers ways to streamline compliance efforts.

FSIs Shift Focus to Growth
Organic growth replaces conserving and building resources as a priority for financial institutions, according to PwC, and is likely to spur technology spending.

Get the Most for Your Money
Insurance companies aren't realizing the full value of their IT investments.

Shift to SOA
Service-oriented architecture for Fireman's Fund promises agility, efficiency and a new model for IT/business alignment.

One System to Rule Them All
The CSAA takes a major step toward a single administration system for Automobile Club members and insurance customers.

Contract News
RMHP Selects FCG; LG Chooses Insurity; Vanguard Selects Duck Creek; Sircon Signs Citizens; NAIC Taps Ubmatrix;

Alliances & Partnerships
Exstream Taps SQLink; MBI, TriZetto Team; AcroSoft, Kanbay Join Forces; EagleTM/State Filing; Intechra Partners With SalvageSae;

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