November 2006

Insurance & Technology's Drivers of Success
As information technology grows ever-more sophisticated and its successful application to business problems becomes an increasingly powerful differentiator, a debate has arisen as to its exact role: Technology indisputably is central to an information-driven business such as insurance, but is it better understood as merely an enabler or as a driver of business?

Fresh Perspective
Joan Zerkovich brought decisive leadership and a background in distributed computing and Web-based technology to the tech transformation of catastrophe insurance start-up ICAT.

No Retreat
Jeff Stoll has led MetLife's Individual Business Systems division through M&A, legacy consolidation and modernization efforts of a magnitude equal to any the industry has ever seen.

Agile Infrastructure
Jim Court's from-the-ground-up technology renovation helped First American P&C boost revenues from $12 million in net written premium to million within six years.

Growth Engine
Al Bowen, SVP of information systems, is modernizing Ohio National Financial Services' infrastructure to support agents' use and aggressive business growth.

Technology Factory
Enterprise technology orientation, development methodologies, project management discipline and astute staff development drive John Kellington's record of success at Ohio Casualty.

Art of the Possible
By tracking emerging technology developments, Humana's Bruce Goodman is able to identify real-world applications that make the health insurer an easy-to-work-with partner.

Up in Arms
For Liberty Mutual's Stuart McGuigan, increasing speed to market is an arms race. To stay ahead of the competition, he is tapping technology to drive business productivity.

Customer Insight
Rick Roy is refocusing CUNA Mutual Group's technology to improve service, beginning with a systems consolidation effort designed to create a single view of the customer.

From The Editor
Head of the Class
Few Years AGO, when the "Does IT Matter?" debate about the strategic importance of information technology was raging, it seemed that the role of the senior technology executive -- the CIO and numerous variations on that title -- was likely to become less important, or at least more narrow in scope.

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The Top 10 Challenges
That Keep Insurance CIOs up at Night

The Talent Crunch

Where are they now?
Hard at Work
Insurance & Technology caught up with some of last year's Elite 8 honorees to find out in their own words what has been the biggest change in their job responsibilities over the past year and what they anticipate to be their key areas of focus for the coming year.

What Makes a Successful CIO?
The CIO role is unique in that it requires a dual mentality: the full-speed-ahead aggressiveness of the chief marketing officer and line-of-business presidents combined with the just-hold-on-a-minute caution of the chief financial officer and chief compliance officer.

Old and New Worries Keep CIOs Awake at Night
Aligning IT and business, and attracting and retaining IT talent are among the top CIO concerns, according to the Society for Information Management.

Preparing for the Unknown
Elite 8 2005 honoree Mike Byam spearheads The Hartford's aggregated risk management movement.

Complementary Styles, Collaborative Solutions
Drawing on insights from his experience as both insurer CIO and vendor, Elite 8 2000 honoree Max Drucker reflects on the carrier-vendor divide.