December 2006

Cover Story

The Future is Now
As market expectations grow ever-more demanding and new rules-driven policy admin systems continue to demonstrate their viability, insurers see less reason to continue to shoulder the inefficiencies of legacy systems.

Security Outlook
Message Mania
E-mail and instant messaging offer convenient communications and often boost productivity, but the technologies also can expose financial institutions to privacy breaches, embarrassment and litigation. To combat the threat, insurers are stepping up efforts to monitor e-mail and IM, and improve security procedures.

From The Editor
Lost Opportunities
Security is costly, and failed security is even more costly.

Balancing Act
Western & Southern Financial Group pursues IT initiatives that support growth while keeping expenses in check.

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Provider IDs
Scanning for Risks
Hard Costs of Soft Fraud
Portal for E-Claims
Marketing On Demand
Unisys Clears Processing Path

Paying for the Future
On the Road Again
Rewriting a Legacy
Business Objects Buys ALG
One Step Closer
Contract News
Alliances and Partnerships
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Case Study
Tracking Trouble
To fix Web portal errors in real time and increase the productivity of its independent sales force, State Auto Insurance Companies taps TeaLeaf CX Solutions.

Hearing the Call
Natural-language solution helps Humana Military Healthcare Services improve call center capacity while providing service levels needed for customer acquisition and retention.

Virtual Roundtable
Making Successful Contact
Insurers' contact centers are evolving into integrated facilities that provide both policyholders and partners with improved service and convenience, and offer revenue-generating opportunities.

One on One
More Bang for the Buck
Andrea Randolph, CTO, MBIA Insurance Corp. "Lean and mean" is a guiding principle at MBIA Insurance Corp. (Armonk, N.Y.; $34 billion in assets), a financial guarantor of structured financings in the primary and secondary markets. For CTO Andrea Randolph, that means motivating her 38 full-time employees to take an enterprisewide approach to technology initiatives to enable the insurer to reuse solutions across its many divisions.


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Executive News
Rubino Heads Hartford PMO
NYL's Sanders Drives Change