Insurers Warm to Flexible Technology Architecture
Changing customer and distributor demands, along with efficiency advantages, are driving adoption of flexible, service-based technology architecture at insurance carriers.

CIO: Insurers Must Build Capabilities on the Four Tiers of Architecture
CIOs must answer the business's needs armed with appreciation of the different levels of enterprise architecture -- business, information, application and technical -- in order to avoid a proliferation of disconnected point solutions.

Business/IT 'Linkage' Key to Insurer's Adaptation to Changing Marketplace
To meet burgeoning consumer communications and transaction demands, insurers must built a services-enabled technology architecture in close collaboration with the business leadership.

Independence Blue Cross' Operational Control Center Takes a Customer's View of Operational Monitoring
The proactive approach of Independence Blue Cross' Operational Control Center anticipates customer use issues while providing diagnostic insight to the carrier's technology architects.


Celtic Insurance Automates Approvals
Chicago-based health insurer automates key decision-making processes to speed application approvals and differentiate itself from competitors on individual health insurance Web portal


IBM's SPSS Acquisition May Speed Insurers' Adoption of Predictive Analytics
The addition of SPSS to IBM's capabilities rounds off the vendor's offering at a time when insurers are poised to invest more heavily in predictive analytics, according to industry analysts.

CSC's Social Network Reaching Critical Mass
CSC carrier clients are embracing WikonnecT, the vendor's business-to-business social network, as a way to collaborate with one another to solve IT issues.

Stuart Tainsky Named First CIO at PURE
As the first CIO at PURE, Stuart Tainsky will seek to improve the nascent carrier's ease of doing business while establishing a more holistic approach to technology.

Liberty Mutual Agency Markets Expands Access Through Comparative Rater
Liberty Mutual Agency Markets has facilitated access for independent agents through the SeaPass Hub comparative rater, further diversifying the ways producers can interact with the carrier.


There's a Business Case (Maybe) for Social Networking Sites
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites can be fun and distracting -- but as more users of all age groups start to explore business uses for these sites, insurers and other businesses are starting to take them more seriously.


Technology Transformation Puts CUNA Mutual in a Stronger Position
As part of its corporate transformational efforts, CUNA Mutual's IT organization revamped its technology infrastructure, building an agile foundation to help the carrier grow and respond to turbulent market conditions.

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IFRS Standards for Insurance Still Under Development
By Tim Deacon, VP, International Accounting and Policy, Manulife Financial

International Financial Reporting Standards Offer Insurers Opportunities for Operational Synergies
By John F. Roemer, Partner, Assurance - Financial Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Adoption of IFRS Provides Benefits to Insurers
By Frank Siderio, Senior Director, Oracle Insurance, Oracle

Compliance With New IFRS Rules Will Hog IT Resources
By Greg Black, Principal - Insurance, HCL America

IFRS May Not Be the Most Immediate Accounting Change
By Douglas W. Barnert, President, Executive Director, Group of North American Insurance Enterprises


The Insurance IT Quandary: Balancing On-Premise, Captive and Outsourced IT Solutions
A blended approach to on-premise and outsourced IT solutions can help carriers now and in the long term, says 3I Infotech's Sukirat Kochar.


Hosted Policy Admin System MUSIC to Startup's Ears
Startup Montpelier US Insurance (MUSIC) achieves its ambitious launch goals by adopting OneShield's Dragon policy administration system.

Conseco Drives Call Center Quality With NICE Suite
Using a suite of NICE products -- including workforce management, call analytics and call recording applications -- Conseco has built upon technical improvements in its call centers to drive a culture of quality.


Handren Aims to Make Mutual of Omaha's IT 'World-Class'
Former USAA executive Tim Handren takes a purposeful approach to Mutual of Omaha's technology architecture and IT capabilities in support of fulfilling the company's potential as an integrated financial institution.