July 02, 2014

Your IT team is key to your business's success -- and it's up to you to hire and cultivate the best talent. Of course, that's easier said than done; assembling and nurturing a technology dream team involves more than just matching candidates' skills to your job requisites and assigning them roles, said James Kenigsberg, chief technology officer at the software company 2U.

"The hotshot with great experience may look good, but [he or she] might not be the best fit with the rest of your employees," he said. "Culture is king when chasing tech greatness."

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To build a well-rounded tech team, hiring managers should focus on more than just skills and strive to instill in employees creativity and passion, Kenigsberg said. Here are five ways you can start.

1. Hire for passion first, tech skills second Hiring managers often prioritize tech skills over passion -- which is a big mistake. "Technology changes so fast, and new tools come out every day. You need to look for passion in what they do and passion for the field you're working in. You can teach everything else."

Before Kenigsberg brings in candidates to interview, he looks them up on sites like GitHub, an open source developer community. "I like to see if they've done any public projects and whether they've shared code with others. Passionate people care about sharing their knowledge with others."

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