May 02, 2006 Vendor Podcast Listen to this episode

CSC's Chief Technology Officer Phil Ehlen is the person ultimately responsible for all of CSC's property and casualty products. Beyond that, he's in the unique position of also being a CSC customer. Ehlen oversees more than $2 billion in transactions associated with more than 780,000 policies within CSC's own business process sourcing operations. Given those complementary responsibilities, it's no surprise that Ehlen is forced to maintain an unrelenting focus of keeping CSC abreast of - and ahead of - its customers' needs for outsourcing services. Listen as he about how CSC is:

  • Continually preparing for the future
  • Working closely with IBM on backbone technologies
  • Fostering the growth of CSC's Innovation Community
  • Maintaining a partnership with customers that process more than $5 billion in written premiums each year
  • Ensuring downtime is a planned occurrence and not a random event
Ehlen asserts that CSC actively "uses what we provide," which yields tremendous benefit to CSC's business processing sourcing operations, ultimately yielding unmatched benefits to CSC's longstanding - and growing - customer base.