May 01, 2009

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (April 26- May 2, 2009): Clearing the Air on McKinsey's Cloud Report

Over at Intelligent Enterprise, David Linthicum analyzes how a recent McKinsey report measured the value of cloud computing and says that "the value that cloud computing and SaaS brings will vary greatly from business to business, but the size of the business is rarely the determining factor." ---

iPhone Users are Becoming Business Savvy

Ian Thain, a senior technical evangelist at Sybase argues that Apple needs to convince C-level execs and IT folks on the value of the iPhone as a business device. (Warning: If you appreciate proper grammar, your head may explode reading this post.) ---

It Was Easier 32 Years Ago

AgencyPort's Eric Harnden blogs from the road, while taking part in the company's Agent Insight Tour 2009. In this post, he shares details from conversations with two different agents, with two different takes on technologies role in their new business process. ---