Seen & Heard at I&T’s 2012 Executive Summit

Hot topics at Insurance & Technology’s recent Executive Summit in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., included the need to align insurance marketing and IT functions, how to overcome barriers to customer engagement, and an assessment of the insurance industry’s initial response to Superstorm Sandy (which occurred less than one week before the Executive Summit). Along with the discussion was high-level networking and I&T’s annual Elite 8 Awards Ceremony. Participants in this year’s event included CIOs and other senior insurance IT and line-of-business executives, as well as sponsor companies HCL, Insurity, Polaris, Tata Consultancy Services, EMC, FAST, GMC Software Technology, iGate, Mphasis, Oracle Insurance, PwC, Syntel, CSC, eGain, Fujitsu/, Guidewire, Kony, NIIT Technologies, State Street Global Services and Zengine.
November 30, 2012

CUNA Mutual "is just like Victoria's Secret," according to the company’s CIO, Rick Roy, a 2006 Elite 8 honoree. Roy told Executive Summit attendees his company learned this after hiring a direct-to-consumer business leader who had worked at the lingerie brand. "We don't win on price or product, we do win on delivering a great direct-to-consumer brand experience," Roy noted. "We win on data insight as to who and how we are offering our products to that market."

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