July 07, 2014

In a recent InformationWeek column I opined that smart sensors would soon find their way into many disposable products -- like a soda can, which when opened triggers a contest. Initially these won't be very sophisticated, but as sensor prices fall and technologies improve, extreme connectedness across the Internet of Things will inspire new business opportunities.<

One example is start-up LIFX, based in Melbourne Australia, which has raised $12 million in series-A venture capital funding, for guess what? A lightbulb. Not your standard bulb, but rather a WiFi-enabled, multi-colored, energy-efficient LED smart bulb controlled from a smartphone app

Big deal you might say -- just another gimmicky case of IoT presented in a niche consumer context but with no place in big business, right?


If the humble light bulb can be managed from a mobile app to control energy output, color, and ambience in the home, then why not apply the same smarts in a commercial setting. Imagine controlling retail store lighting from the touch of an app or changing hue to accentuate products. Want a holiday mood theme for the store or restaurant? Just tap the app -- a simple, cost-efficient way to differentiate your products from something that's pretty much been the same since Edison stumbled upon the light bulb idea.

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