Bringing Annuity Compliance Fulfillment Into the Digital Era
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FPS Insurance
FPS Insurance,
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12/22/2014 | 9:00:11 PM
Re: What do customers want?
During this time that almost everything around us revolves around technology, it is just right for annuities and other insurance products be accessed online. Information dessimination and access to the details of their accounts are much easier. With the ease of use, there will be more people who will get these products in the future.
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12/11/2014 | 3:59:56 PM
What do customers want?
It's interesting that annunities is kind of an outlier as more aspects of the insurance business go digital. I would imagine that, in addition to the regulatory and legacy system obstacles to change, demographics must play a role, too. That is, as annuities customers eventually start to trend younger & more diverse, those customers are NOT going to want to be receiving paper documents and will pressure their providers -- whether insurer, broker/dealer or whoever -- to provide that information electronically. Thanks for this analysis, Corey.

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