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How to Best Manage Customer Service Data Complexity
An Insurance & Technology Webcast

Sponsor: Actuate

Insurance customers expect a high level of interaction with their carriers through multiple channels. But siloed carriers traditionally have struggled with delivering a seamless experience to their policyholders as they transition to the digital world.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • Data access: Get tips on dealing with increasing volume, velocity, and diversity of data sources, such as social media, third parties, and your own policy document archive
  • Portal development: Understand how agile development process increase speed to market with controlled costs
  • Delivering on promises: Find out how to craft a user experience that doesn't require intense training, and remains secure for customers' peace of mind

Register for this webinar to learn how to develop customer portals that deliver on the promise of increased access to policy data around the clock.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 10:00AM PT / 12:00PM CT / 1:00PM ET    Duration: 60 minutes

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Advanced BI: How Insurers Can Make Better Use of Predictive Analytics
Sponsor: IBM

For insurance companies to achieve true success with business analytics, they must be able to not only measure and track insight into past and current risks, claims and overall business performance, but they also need to have a full-scope view that includes predictive analysis. After all, being able to better understand only what’s in the rearview mirror puts insurance decision makers at risk of missing the risks and market opportunities in front of them.

You’ll hear examples of insurers that have successfully implemented these advanced business analytics solutions and how they’re transforming their business processes, including product development, customer service, and delivery.

  • How to optimize business insight from your corporate data so you can outpace your competitors, and what tools IT should implement
  • The importance of having a 360-degree view of business operations that includes insight into past, current, and future operations
  • Ways IT can better empower employees to be a part of the data analysis process with simple, easy-to-use technology
  • How IT can work with LOB managers to better target business needs and customize the BI approach

At this one-hour video webcast you’ll learn how predictive business analytics can make business intelligence solutions more effective, and as a result make insurance business decision makers more successful. Find out how BI solutions now provide not just useful reporting options and real-time dashboarding, but also predictive analysis for making intelligent choices about future compliance, underwriting, customer engagement and financial operations.

July 17, 2014
Unleashing the Power of the Single Policyholder View
Sponsor: ValueMomentum

The robust data capabilities of on-and offline retailers are influencing the way policyholders want to interact with their insurance companies. In order to provide a consistent, top-of-the-line experience across channels, insurers must break down the silos preventing producers, claims professionals and the marketing department from developing a single customer view. With a clear profile of each policyholder, service can be empathetic and effective and keep that person as a customer for years to come. Effectively leveraging next-generation CRM technology goes a long way toward increasing customer retention in an increasingly competitive insurance market.

In this webcast, featuring guest speakers Abhijeet Jhaveri, Tom Feher, Chad Hersh and moderated by Insurance & Technology senior editor Nathan Golia, you will learn:

  • How carriers should define "single customer view," and what characteristics are possible now and in the future
  • What being a customer-centric enterprise means in the era of Zappos and Amazon
  • How to integrate new CRM technology in legacy or modernized core system environments

June 26, 2014
Transforming Core Insurance Solutions: What Does the Future Hold?
Sponsor: SAP

What will the model insurance company look like five years from now? Ten years from now? How will insurance customers change? How will a global insurance practice operate? The pace of technology innovation within the insurance industry is significant, with potentially game-changing technologies such as digital, cloud, big data and telematics gaining prominence. But a carrier’s ability to implement and capitalize on these new technologies is only as good as its ability to fully integrate them with core applications and business processes.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Rethink build vs. buy – new options for core modernization.
  • Understand the impact of omnichannel distribution and engagement.
  • Consider new approaches to infrastructure – assessing the opportunities and potential risks.
  • Factor in IT consumerization and customer experience considerations – going beyond the buzzwords.

June 24, 2014
Joining the Revolution in Insurance Customer Interaction
Insurance companies are being disrupted from all angles, and savvy companies are laying the foundation for a new way of doing business now in order to be better positioned for the future. Technology investments are being made with a focus on developing products and services that can be delivered and maintained in a digital environment. Winning carriers will be those that can navigate the new world of customer acquisition and retention with agility.

In this webcast, moderated by Insurance & Technology senior editor Nathan Golia and featuring Mike Fitzgerald of Celent and Jennifer Wilson of Interactive Intelligence, you will get the latest information on:

—Consumer preferences in interacting with insurers and other financial services companies, and how that compares and contrasts with other industries

—Customer experience, and how insurance companies can leverage both internal and external data to create a 720-degree view of the customer

—Distribution patterns: Which products and services are being sold direct by insurance companies, and how can insurers find the right product for the right customer segment?

June 19, 2014
The Greater Good: Fraud Detection In The Service Of Genuine Customers
At this webinar hosted by Insurance & Technology and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, you’ll learn how effective counter-fraud technology simultaneously and visibly provides protection for genuine claimants, deters would-be exaggerators, and safeguards against hardened fraudsters. We’ll discuss what goes into a successful approach to claims fraud that enables insurers to take a more effective approach to fraud – and help transform public perception of it.

Sponsor: BAE Systems

April 30, 2014
How to Create a Secure Cloud Strategy for Financial Services Firms
Sponsor: Level 3

Financial Services organizations migrating applications to the cloud are looking for ways to preserve user experience; ensure the security of applications and data in the cloud; and select the best network solution that can scale with business demand. Register for this webinar to learn about the important role network connectivity plays in ensuring security, performance and reliability in the cloud.
April 29, 2014
Collaboration: A Critical Factor in Customer Experience Strategies
Sponsor: Interactive Intelligence

There's a lot of buzz in the insurance industry around the concept of customer experience. But insurers working to enhance experience for policyholders and distributors often overlook the role that collaboration plays in this kind of initiative. Collaboration isn't just about productivity - it is key to the kind of innovation around channels, communications and processes that shape the customer experience. However, collaboration continues to be an elusive goal for many insurance companies since it encompasses a range of technologies and practices.

  • Defining collaboration and creating a culture of collaboration and innovation.
  • Understanding the multiple dimensions of collaboration: content, process, communications.
  • Identifying the critical technologies that enable collaboration.
  • Leveraging existing investments in contact centers and other communications systems to improve collaboration.

At this one-hour webcast hosted by Insurance & Technology and Interactive Intelligence, SMA partner Mark Breading will reveal five action steps that can help insurers build a strong collaboration platform and reap the business benefits of collaboration. Learn about the connection between collaboration and customer experience and how to integrate the critical technologies into your business operations.

March 13, 2014
Simplify and Win: Beat Insurance Competition with Speed-to-Market
Join Insurance & Technology senior editor Nathan Golia and Strategy Meets Action's Karen Furtado, to help you uncover:
  • Why the conversation around product development is so important
  • Key insurance product development challenges
  • Opportunities to improve throughout the development cycle
  • Strategies to manage regulatory content across states and lines of business

February 27, 2014
Leveraging Claims Data to Boost Performance with Next-Gen Business Intelligence & Analytics
Register for this webinar to better:
  • Understand the business case for BI tools, and how to maximize your investment
  • Build on insights for resource and workflow optimization so costly claims exceptions, such as those with a high risk for fraud or litigation, are managed more effectively
  • See how data cubes and power views pre-aggregate and analyze data in multiple dimensions, strengthening your ability to “slice and dice” information with accelerated speed and performa
  • Operationalize loss trends through business rules, which help to facilitate proactive management and loss-control strategies

February 25, 2014
The Affordable Care Act: New Tech Strategies for a New Healthcare Market
Attend this webinar to learn how SMAC provides capabilities to address a variety of ACA-related mandates including:

  • Leveraging ICD-10 compliance as a source of big data, enabling more effective analysis of disease symptoms, diagnoses and procedures, resulting in improved outcomes
  • Improving actuarial models tied to costs
  • Tapping big data to develop tailored incentive programs to encourage and reward positive behavior, and to connect with member populations on an individual level
  • Using social media to encourage, incentivize and motivate customers into adopting healthier lifestyles
  • Transforming the smartphone into a delivery channel and data collection device

February 20, 2014