When you write about analytics you get all sorts of notices about things poised to change business as we know it. Analytics, of course, involves math. Math is one of the three Ms that matter in business, along with marketing and making useful things. But there's often a chilling vagueness around what analytics actually means to the bottom line.

That's peril number one, finding the benefit of analytics.

I spoke recently with the founders of Sideband Networks, a startup that combines analytics with some novel software it has developed to let companies parse their networks as traffic flows through it. "The value is in the speed at which we can perform the analytics and correlate past and present data or past and present analytics, to give you some actionable data," said Sherman Tang, Sideband's CMO.

But just what will companies do with that actionable data? Tang and his co-founder, Sideband CEO Zane Taylor, had a lot to say about the problem they were solving, but not so much about what solving the problem does for companies. I can guess that it might let companies predict when they're about to get hit with a denial-of-service attack, or ferret out data leakage while it's happening. But they didn't say that.

All they said was real-time analytics will change how networks get viewed. Read full story on InformationWeek

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