On the second Tuesday of every month, information technology and security groups rush to fix vulnerabilities in their desktop systems, reacting to the regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday implemented by Microsoft and Adobe.

Yet, in most cases, the plethora of smartphones and tablets carried by employees and the hundreds of applications on those devices are not managed, and fixing vulnerabilities on those systems is left up to the user. While the software ecosystem surrounding mobile devices typically means that mobile applications are regularly updated, the risk of those software programs is typically an unknown for most companies.

Businesses need to start paying attention to the mobile software coming in the front door to make sure their data is not headed out that same portal, says Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer for application-security firm Veracode.

"Mobile application management is becoming as important as mobile device management," he says. "The app layer is where all the risky behavior is happening." Read full story on Dark Reading

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