Nearly all senior executives agree that customer experience is crucial, yet all too few have taken steps to make interactions more efficient, consistent and personalized across retail, Web, phone, mobile and other customer touch points. This is key finding of major global survey released by Oracle on Monday. Based on a global survey of more than 1,300 senior executives, Oracle's "Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era" report finds that 97% agree that customer experience (CX) is critical to success and 93% say their firms have made it a top-three priority over the next two years. Yet only 37% say they have CX initiatives in progress, and only 20% consider their programs to be advanced. It not shocking that CX ranks right up there with God, motherhood and apple pie, but what is shocking, says Brian Curran, Oracle's VP, customer experience strategy, is how little progress the survey suggests many companies have made. Read full story on InformationWeek

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