With all the talk about the benefits of big data at work and home, it's easy to overlook the one area where most of us -- well, most Americans, at least -- spend far too much time: our cars. The connected auto is quickly moving from concept to reality, one that promises safer roads and other nifty benefits, provided we're willing to sacrifice a bit more personal info.

But what steps should automakers take to bring this data-driven paradise to their vehicle fleets? According to Dave Ferric, CEO of Agero, a Medford, MA-based provider of connected vehicle services, the trick is to offer enhancements that appeal to both drivers and passengers, but without sacrificing vehicle safety and user privacy.

"What we've been doing in the last couple of years is to look at the services we provide our customers, all the data we collect, and then (determine) how to change the experience within the vehicle," Ferric told InformationWeek in a phone interview. Read full story on InformationWeek

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