Today's business leaders are competing to recruit and retain top talent, and an engaging workplace that sparks productivity is a big part of the appeal. However, IT's traditional role of providing flexibility to higher-ranking employees doesn't do much for the wider workforce that has access to iPads and Skype at home. In fact, a recent Forrester survey shows that only 37% of employees are satisfied with the service that IT provides. What's more is that only 41% of employees would recommend a job at their company, and 44% would recommend their company's products.

Not surprisingly, those who feel supported by managers, respected for their efforts, and encouraged to be creative are more inclined to recommend the company and work harder. We're seeing a debate within the upper echelons of organizations on how to best create meaningful workforce experiences. It's critical that the CIO is at the table during these debates. Why? Regardless of the management strategy, technology will be necessary to help unlock workforce potential. Read full story on InformationWeek

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