The dangers of social media openness have been underlined by news that a social media site for older consumers has been taken offline due to offensive remarks by British "silver surfers." Saga is a well-known U.K. brand offering travel packages and financial products [including insurance] aimed at older people, and it enjoys an enviable reputation of trust. The company had been attempting to service over 50s equally well in cyberspace, setting up an online forum called Saga Zone. The relatively basic site was dubbed "Facebook for Grannies" by the allegedly more hip, and the system soon attracted many thousands of registered viewers, although the number of regular contributors seems to have been more like the low hundreds.

Well, those "Grannies" seemed to catch on pretty quick -- and become expert trolls and flamers before long. Saga has closed the site due to unrestrained posts from its users, stating on its home page that it is now read-only and the whole thing will be taken down later this month. Read full story on The BrainYard

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