A few weeks ago, I sat down to examine the data surrounding InformationWeek 's 2013 IT Salary research for executives. You may be surprised that the data tells us salary isn't really what matters most to IT executives. The five things that matter most have NOTHING to do with compensation. While you might think that IT execs' higher level of satisfaction with compensation might factor in here, digging into the data a little bit tells us a different story.

As I wrote in the report, "Compared with IT staff, who are either satisfied or very satisfied with their salaries 59% of the time, and satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs overall 63% of the time, IT execs are only a few percentage points better. Sixty-five percent of IT execs are very satisfied or satisfied with salaries, and 70% are very satisfied or satisfied overall with all aspects of their jobs. The slight edge over staff in these categories isn't quite the 'let them eat cake' level of smugness that IT staff might imagine."

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