When you glance out the window today, the view might look about the same as yesterday. But don't be deceived -- our world is being transformed by a new, often invisible, reality. Everything from how our electrical power is delivered, to how and where we shop and pay for goods and services, is undergoing great upheaval, transforming how we conduct our lives.

Entire industries have been revolutionized by the transformative forces of digitization enabled by new consumer-oriented technologies -- namely, social, mobile, analytics and the cloud, or what we call "the SMAC Stack." Consider that MasterCard now describes itself first as a technology company and second as a payments industry leader, and little wonder, considering its success facilitating mobile commerce. Much of the disruption is invisible, as data events occur without our awareness -- thanks to transponders and digital tags -- as we drive our cars, navigate airports, walk the aisles of a store or move through our virtual workdays at home or in the office. Read full story on InformationWeek

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