So, you've just become a CIO. You've got 100 days, tops, to make your mark, according to McKinsey consultants Michael Bloch and Paul Willmott. Just like the President, and new CEOs, that first three months on the job might well define your legacy. The main takeaway of McKinsey's article: Start your first 100 days when you're interviewing for your job. This makes sense because when you're interviewing for your first CIO job, you might think you need to convince the company to hire you (and you do). But you also need to know what you're getting into. Use the interview not just to sell yourself, but also to find out what you're buying into. Fully one-third of McKinsey's 100-day action items are ones you should start during the interview, including these first three:... Read full story on InformationWeek

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