8 Signs the Healthcare Debate Isn’t Dead

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act are finding a variety of ways to delay its implementation, including blocking and evading set up of the health insurance exchanges prescribed by the law. Insurance & Technology takes a closer look at the leaders in various states who have stated their own reasons for blocking these exchanges.
August 10, 2012

You thought that because the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, the political posturing by opponents would end? Fat chance — especially in a presidential election year. Opponents of the Obama administration's signature legislation are looking for any angle with which to delay and confound its implementation — and one popular tactic is stonewalling the health insurance exchanges prescribed by the law. These online marketplaces are meant to help uninsured consumers find coverage and access subsidies.

Each state must build its own exchange, or the Department of Health and Human Services will build one for it. That might end up being the case for more than half of the states, as a report earlier this week in the Tulsa World indicated that 29 states have no plans in place for their own exchanges. Here's what politicians and observers in those states are saying in opposition to constructing the exchanges.

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