8 Signs the Healthcare Debate Isn’t Dead

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act are finding a variety of ways to delay its implementation, including blocking and evading set up of the health insurance exchanges prescribed by the law. Insurance & Technology takes a closer look at the leaders in various states who have stated their own reasons for blocking these exchanges.
August 10, 2012

Florida: Not Rubio's Idea

[Senator Rubio] thinks the right approach is what Florida did in 2008, where he set up a marketplace where businesses can buy health insurance as part of the free market. … Obama's approach is very different. It forces businesses and individuals to buy government-approved healthcare or face a new tax.

--Alex Conant, spokesman for Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio (at right), responding to a reporter's inquiry on similarities between the Obama-proposed exchange and the Florida Health Choices program that Rubio championed in 2008 as speaker of Florida's House

Source: Miami Herald

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