Health Insurers Having a Ball with Reform: 4 Examples

Some health insurance companies are betting that games will help their policyholders better understand healthcare reform.
August 23, 2013

Health insurance is changing rapidly as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is implemented, leaving many consumers feeling unsure about what the changes in the law mean for them. Some health insurance companies are turning to gamification initiatives so consumers can educate themselves about the law in a fun way. Following are four projects spanning simple quizzes and multi-day events.

Independence Blue Cross – Independence Express

Independence Blue Cross introduced an internet-enabled tractor-trailer featuring educational and retail health games this week. The Independence Express will make stops around Philadelphia over the next few weeks, including the Canstatter VolkFest Labor Day Festival that weekend. The trailer features computers, educational games and booklets about healthcare reform and more, as well as an IQ game show, Live Fearless, to test participants' knowledge of the ACA.

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